Soft reset iPhone 4

soft reset iphone 4The following tutorial will explain you how to soft reset iPhone 4. This procedure will cause your iPhone 4 to completely clean it’s memory of running programs. It is like forcing your iPhone 4 to be  powered down and up again.

Performing a  Soft reset iPhone 4 procedure has the -desirable- effect of liberating it’s memory from running apps and games that may happen to be clogging it down to crawl speed, or even completely freezing it.

Why would I need to Soft reset iPhone 4 ?

Whenever you detect a slugging or erratic behavior on your iPhone 4, it is an excellent idea to try a soft rest in order to restart it with a clean slate. Also please be reasured: the soft reset iPhone 4 procedure will not erase any data or installed apps inside it. It just resets (like turning it OFF and then ON) your iPhone 4 by force.

Steps to soft reset iPhone 4

The following steps will soft reset your iPhone 4. This will most likely solve your freezing / slow iPhone 4 problem. If it doesn’t, then you may seriously consider performing a hard reset on your iPhone 4. You can follow this other tutorial about performing a hard reset on your iPhone 4.

  1. Press and hold the POWER button on your iPhone 4
  2. while pressing the POWER button, now also press and hold the HOME button (on the front, below the screen).
  3. Keep pressing both buttons for about 15 seconds until the silver Apple logo appears on screen.
  4. Release both buttons: The soft reset iPhone 4 procedure has started!
  5. When your iPhone finishes, it will power off by itself.

You may find this soft reset iPhone 4 procedure quite handy, as you will probably discover that it may solve lots of “nuisances” on your beloved iPhone.

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