Reset iPhone 7

You may want to reset your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus because it is behaving erratically, or even worse: it may have stopped responding to your input altogether.

iphone 7 resetThe above scenario may need you to perform a forced restart on your iPhone 7 and the following tutorial has you covered.

On the other hand, you may want to reset your iPhone 7 into it’s factory default mode, leaving it just as when you bought it. Perhaps you want to resell it or give it out as a gift to someone and you do not want to depart from this iPhone 7 without erasing all your private data first. This tutorial will help you in such case, too.

Soft reset your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

If your iPhone 7 has freezed on you, or it is behaving erratically and you cannot power it off and restart it in the usual way, then you may want to perform a soft reset.

A soft reset will have the same effect on your iPhone 7 as if powering it off and then back on again:

  1. You will need first to press and hold the Lock / Wake button, located on the right side of your iPhone 7
  2. While holding the Lock / Wake Button, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, on the other side if your iPhone
  3. Wait until your iPhone’s 7 screen turns off and back on into the Apple logo: Then you can depress those two buttons.

Hard reset your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

You will be able to reset your iPhone 7 into a fresh copy of its latest IOS operating system by following these steps. This tutorial will hard reset your iPhone 7 into a fresh phone.

  1. First you need to ensure on your computer that you are using the latest iTunes software.
  2. Now connect your iPhone 7 through the lightning USB cable into your computer
  3. If your iPhone 7 is powered ON, then turn it OFF
  4. Press (and hold down) the Lock / Wake button for 3 seconds
  5. While keeping the Lock / Wake button pressed, now press the VOLUME DOWN button for 10 seconds more.
  6. Attention: IF the Apple logo appears on the screen then your timing was bad and you need to retry the last three steps.
  7.  Depress the Lock / Wake button, while keeping the VOLUME DOWN button pressed for 5 more seconds.
  8. Depress the VOLUME DOWN button: If you see “Plug into iTunes” written on your iPhone 7 screen then you have taken more than 5 seconds to execute this step and thus you need to restart the procedure from step 3 again.
  9. IF your iPhone 7 screen remains black then you have successfully entered into DFU mode.
  10. YOur iPhone 7 will be recognized by iTunes software on your computer and iTunes will allow you to restore it into factory default mode.

¡Congratulations! You managed to perform a Soft or Hard reset on your iPhone 7, hopefully fixing any kind of problem or trouble you’ve been experiencing.

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  1. Siri isn’t work nor am I allowed to hear or speak when I’m on a call. This has been happening two weeks now

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